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In relation with COVID-19, all flights from the date 11.03 onwards most likely have no right for compensation.

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On average, 30 000 flights all around the world are delayed and cancelled every month. This gives airlines an opportunity to save billions on air passengers every year. This happens because most people are not aware of their right to claim compensation. We're here to help.

Our aim is to educate the public on the rights of air passengers and to make sure that every single passenger, who’s experienced flight delays, cancellation or overbooking, gets their compensation from the airlines.
Over one million euros worth

processed claims from 2017, the year we started.

More than 5 years of experience

enforcing EU law for clients.

5000+ satisfied customers

who received compensation through Légi Segéd.

Our team

Légi Segéd's team consists of the best in the field! Our employees has previously worked for both airlines and law firms - we know why flight problems occur and how to put pressure on airlines to pay compensation.

Karl Gustav Annus CEO of Légi Segéd
Karina Hainovskaja Légi Segéd's specialist
Viola Darabont Légi Segéd's specialist
Pille Office paw

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